Canal Fishing In Rockport – Harbor Oaks

Canal Fishing In Rockport – Harbor Oaks

Canal Fishing in Rockport

Captain Robert shares some tricks and tips for canal fishing in Rockport – Harbor Oaks.

Some people ask what I have to say about canal fishing in Rockport, specifically Harbor Oaks — Well, first I have to say, I don’t live on a canal. But I have lived across from Canoe Lake for over 30 years and have had many opportunities to fish in the canals with neighbors off the dock and out of boats.

Lights are a big help!

I suggest if you don’t have light by your bulk head that you try and get one! They are productive and entertaining, attracting fish big and small. It seems that if you do catch a fish there though, it takes a while before things settle down enough to catch another. The lights are also better if you are the only one around with one. so ask your neighbor to turn theirs off when you’re fishing! If everyone has one, they don’t seem as effective. The best times to load the freezer with fish from the canals would be in the winter time. Fish are cold blooded and seek warmer deeper water and less current during periods of extended cold weather. The canals are a great spot for them to retreat to.

Best spots and bait in Harbor Oaks

Peeled dead shrimp is an excellent bait choice during the cooler season. The best places during cold weather seem to be the area around the condos and back by marina. The colder the better. The area that seems the best year round is by the boat ramp. The pipe that connects the canal to a series of salt marshes across the roads attract game fish year round. Local kids often will drive in, fish, and take off before they can get caught.  Like most areas in and out of the canals, action will be quick and be over fairly quickly. I like to see kids fishing, but don’t like to see non residents camping out there. Harbor Oaks residents are lucky to have their own ramp, but it shouldn’t be taken advantage of. The same things that make the canals productive in the winter can be a detriment in summer. Lack of circulation, heavy rains, fertilizers and warm water temperatures can make the oxygen levels low. I suggest using pig fish (piggie perch) or croaker free lines with a 4/0 wide gap hook during the warmer months. My son and his friends used to raid my bait tank and cast these baits into Canoe lake after I came home. The action was usually fast and ended quickly resulting in nice reds and surprisingly nice trout. Artificial baits I suggest are gulp “new penny” and “Nuclear Chicken”. Again, I don’t actually live on a canal; this is just what I’ve learned from my fishing experience in the neighborhood and around the Rockport area since 1986. Until next time.

Have you had luck canal fishing in Rockport/Harbor Oaks? We’d love to see your photos, please share!

Capt Robert Hamilton is a Harbor Oaks Resident and runs Aransas Bay Fishing Charters. 
You can find him at or 361-463-6653!

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