Alarm System Permits

Alarm System Permits

The City of Rockport will begin enforcing their alarm ordinance, the ordinance has not changed. For 2023 they are working to gain city-wide compliance as far as obtaining alarm permits for monitored business and home alarm systems. In 2024 they will focus more on enforcement such as permit revocation and citations for repetitive violations.

Permit application information is only accessible to communications personnel and Rockport PD employees. It is never sold or shared outside their agency. At this time the biggest concern they have is having good keyholder information in the event that there is an issue at a residence or business.

The main point of contact for questions or concerns related to the alarm ordinance and permits is Officer Stefanie Garcia. Officer Garcia can be reached at her office line 361-790-1134 or by email

Click here for the Alarm Permit Application


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