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drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation – Home Irrigation Part 3

Before we get started, here are the latest watering restrictions from the City of Rockport’s website. Drip irrigation is allowed any day at all stages below until Stage 3 is reached. Current Status – Voluntary “In accordance with the City’s Drought Contingency and Emergency Water Plan, customers of the city’s water system are asked to…
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installing sprinklers systems

Home Irrigation – Part 2

Installing an underground irrigation system If you’re considering installing sprinklers or seriously upgrading a current system, you might want to first think about landscaping. ⦁ Call 811 at least two days before any digging. This includes any digging – trees, post holes, irrigation lines, etc. ⦁ Less grass and larger beds make for lower water…
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rockport texas gardening irrigation tips

Home Irrigation – A Series in Three Parts

Dry times are coming! Not really news for anyone who’s been down here for a while. Dry times follow wet times. A quick true/false quiz before we begin. ___   Texas allows all homeowners to install and work on their irrigation system. ___   If I hire someone to install or work on my irrigation…
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Springtime in Rockport

Written By Richard Snyder As I’m writing this, the snows are swirling, the wind is howling and the temperature is dropping. Somewhere, but certainly not in Rockport. For the moment we’re blessed with mild weather and are starting to think about weeds, lawns, flowers and all things growing. WEEDS: Most winter weeds such as clover…
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City of Rockport Spring Leaf Pick-Up

Per its agreement with The City of Rockport, Republic Services will begin the Rockport Leaf Pick up, hand pick up of bagged leaves and grass clippings on April 1. The program will continue for four weeks. Because Republic Services will not be using its traditional zone, residents will need to place their bags curbside on…
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Rockport Gardening Tips

March Madness

Written By Richard Snyder If you’re looking for sports-related entertainment here, I’m sorry to disappoint you. March Madness in the Coastal Bend is all about our love-hate relationship with Live Oak trees –massive mounds of leaves, green pollen coating everything and those icky caterpillars crawling everywhere. Harvey reduced all that for a while, but it…
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