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fishing with shad

Fishing with Shad

From April to late June fishing with Shad is very effective for Red Fish and an occasional trout. Look for schools of Shad in the Shrimp boat channel, Conn Brown Harbor, the Intracoastal, and (my favorite) Little Bay. Pelicans are great indicators of schools of Shad below. I’m pretty sure it’s their favorite food. I…
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winter fishing in rockport

Winter fishing in Rockport

Winter fishing in Rockport. Fishing the super low tides has been awesome. The number of boats have been down. For these meat haul trips fish holes on the edge of big flats where the fish have to retreat to when the tide level falls. Unlike summer months when the water is hot; Redfish and Drum…
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rockport fishing

High tides bring good fishing

The Fall and Spring Equinox almost always bring higher than normal tides. The people in Rockport fishing along Fulton Beach Road know that this is a prime time to fish Little Bay. I enjoy fishing shell reefs under these conditions. Shrimp and a popping cork works great north of town…ie ( Carlos, Mesquite, Copano, St…
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choosing bait

Choosing the best bait for trout

Let’s talk choosing bait for trout. Croaker and pigfish/piggies/grunts are the best type of trout bait in the summer time in our area. For some reason Piggies are not available this year.  I’ve talked to several trappers this summer and they all say the same thing. “There just are not any piggies out there.”  The…
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Perfect Bait for Spring Fishing in Rockport Cut Mullet

June 2019 Harbor Oaks Fishing Report

Today we are going to talk about the best bait for Rockport fishing right now. Gosh is the wind ever going to let up?  I like to fish with cut Shad this time of year. Shad works well when it’s fresh, not so good after it’s been sitting in ice chest overnight. Probably by mid…
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Harbor Oaks Fishing Tips Featuring Captain Robert Hamilton

May 2019 Harbor Oaks Fishing Report

I have been fishing the Texas Coast for 40 years, and I’ve been a Coast Guard licensed guide in the Rockport area since 1987. I primarily fish in the Rockport area in Aransas, Carlos, Redfish, Copano, Corpus Christi, Nueces, Mesquite, and San Antonio Bay Systems. This is a great time of year for fishing! Starting…
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