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Harbor Oaks Rockport Annual Meeting

Harbor Oaks 2022 Annual Property Owner Association Meeting

April 12, 2022 Dear Harbor Oaks property owner, The 2022 annual meeting of the Harbor Oaks Property Owners Association will be held on April 24, 2022 at the Key Allegro Yacht Club located at 1796 Bay Shore Drive. The meeting will start at 3:00pm sharp!  Coffee, tea, water and soft drinks will be provided. We’ve…
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Harbor Oaks Rockport Fish Kill

Harbor Oaks Fish Kill Clean-up update

Tuesday March 2nd was the first day of the dead fish removal from the recent fish kill.  Crews removed more than 8000 lbs of dead fish on Tuesday alone. Meanwhile Kris 6 News reported on the potential impacts to the local fish populations. Dr. Larry McKinney, the Director of Gulf Strategies at the Harte Institute…
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Fish Kill from Winter Storm URI

Fish Kill Impacts Harbor Oaks Property Owners

The recent frigid temperatures have taken a toll for Harbor Oaks property owners on many levels. The most recent issue is the hundreds of thousand of dead fish that have appeared in our canals, bulkheads, boat slips and boat ramps. The stench is overwhelming, and at some point could become a health concern. The current…
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Harbor Oaks Winter Storm Debris Collection

Harbor Oaks Winter Storm Debris Collection

*UPDATE* Due to the short notice for freeze-damaged debris removal efforts today and a huge property owner response for today’s pickup, we have scheduled a second round of freeze-related debris removal for next week, Wednesday March 3rd.  Schuler Services is the Harbor Oaks Property Owners’ Association landscape and commons areas maintenance provider.  We have engaged…
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freeze warning for rockport

ALERT – Winter Freeze Warning for Rockport

Harbor Oaks Friends and Neighbors, Projections are for a hard freeze this weekend and possible lasting several days.  Meteorologists say this could quite possibly be the coldest weather this area has seen in more than four decades.  Here’s a friendly reminder to take steps to avert costly damage and repairs.  cover exposed hose bib faucets with…
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fishing with shad

Fishing with Shad

From April to late June fishing with Shad is very effective for Red Fish and an occasional trout. Look for schools of Shad in the Shrimp boat channel, Conn Brown Harbor, the Intracoastal, and (my favorite) Little Bay. Pelicans are great indicators of schools of Shad below. I’m pretty sure it’s their favorite food. I…
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harbor oaks boat ramp closing

COVID 19 Update – Harbor Oaks Boat Ramp Closing

Effective today, Monday March 30, the Harbor Oaks boat ramp will be closed to all users until further notice.  A chain and padlock will be installed at the boat ramp gate this afternoon to eliminate boat ramp access. Cameras are already in place to discourage attempts to disable the lock or gate mechanism.  Rockport Police have…
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covid 19 statement

COVID 19 Statement from the Harbor Oaks Property Owners Association

Harbor Oaks Friends and Neighbors, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented pandemic. These past couple of weeks, we have received news that has changed our lives.  Businesses implementing work from home, schools closing for an unforeseeable time, gyms, libraries, restaurants, places of worship, all closed to help prevent the spread…
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south texas dove season dog


This article was sourced from Texas Dove Hunters’ Magazine For Janie and me, it was the long awaited opening of the Texas, South Zone, dove season.  The North and Central zones having begun roughly three weeks earlier, had left us “chomping at the bit” to begin our season. Those of us south of a line…
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winter fishing in rockport

Winter fishing in Rockport

Winter fishing in Rockport. Fishing the super low tides has been awesome. The number of boats have been down. For these meat haul trips fish holes on the edge of big flats where the fish have to retreat to when the tide level falls. Unlike summer months when the water is hot; Redfish and Drum…
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