Winter fishing in Rockport

Winter fishing in Rockport

winter fishing in rockport

Winter fishing in Rockport. Fishing the super low tides has been awesome. The number of boats have been down. For these meat haul trips fish holes on the edge of big flats where the fish have to retreat to when the tide level falls. Unlike summer months when the water is hot; Redfish and Drum will quickly move back on the flats when they sense the tide starting to rise. I’ve been using dead table size shrimp a lot. Cut mullet works well for redfish. Keeper trout consistently seem to be biting gulps and down south plastics really well at all tide levels. I’ve only been catching small trout on live shrimp when I can find them.

Sheephead should be showing up around the docks at Port A. Headed live shrimp on the bottom works best.

On a side note, try using the Gopher Hawk traps to catch and remove gophers from Harbor Oaks yards and common areas. I caught 14 out of my neighbors yard this year and I just noticed one this morning. Unlike the other side of Rockport where many gophers drowned after Harvey, there seems to be a population explosion on this side. The rodents eat primarily vegetation, are unsightly, damage lawnmowers and promote grass burrs.

Until next time, Tight Lines

Capt Robert Hamilton is a Harbor Oaks Resident and runs Aransas Bay Fishing Charters.  You can find him at or 361-463-6653!


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