Fox Spotted On Encina Drive

Fox Spotted On Encina Drive

Gray fox in rockport

This message was sent in from Bethlyn on Encina Drive:

We live on Encina Drive. Lately we have had a large fox visiting and/or passing through. We have seen him/her several nights.  We are glad to see the wildlife coming around again. 

Thank you to Bethlyn for sending in these images! If you see any animals or other activity that you feel should be reported use our submission form by clicking here. He or she appears to be a gray fox, but it’s hard to tell in the photos. The gray fox is named for its gray, salt-and-pepper coat. It has a white throat, cheeks and underbelly, reddish brown legs and a distinctive black-tipped tail. Gray foxes prefer drier, brushy, rocky habitat while red foxes prefer more heavily wooded habitats. Read more about foxes in Texas here.

Pictured Below: Gray Fox – Photo Credit Flickr/Dennis Murphy

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