ALERT – Winter Freeze Warning for Rockport

ALERT – Winter Freeze Warning for Rockport

freeze warning for rockport

Harbor Oaks Friends and Neighbors,

Projections are for a hard freeze this weekend and possible lasting several days.  Meteorologists say this could quite possibly be the coldest weather this area has seen in more than four decades.  Here’s a friendly reminder to take steps to avert costly damage and repairs.

  • cover exposed hose bib faucets with purchased foam covers or a loosely wrapped towel
  • drain lawn irrigation lines by opening the lowest head
  • make sure the backflow preventer is drained or well insulated where it is visible above ground
  • consider covering the exposed well head on irrigation wells
  • cover swimming pool equipment or let it run continuously until the hard freeze threat has passed
  • drain water lines to fish cleaning stations
  • if your home has plumbing on the outside walls, let the fixture drip slowly as moving water is less likely to freeze

All lawn irrigation in the common areas and spigots on the boat slips in Harbor Oaks have been turned off and the lines have been drained to minimize the chance of damage. 

Keep an eye out for neighbors who may need assistance.  Stay warm and safe.  Have a great weekend. 

Harbor Oaks Board of Directors


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