Fishing with Shad

Fishing with Shad

fishing with shad

From April to late June fishing with Shad is very effective for Red Fish and an occasional trout. Look for schools of Shad in the Shrimp boat channel, Conn Brown Harbor, the Intracoastal, and (my favorite) Little Bay. Pelicans are great indicators of schools of Shad below. I’m pretty sure it’s their favorite food.

I use a seven foot cast net with a 3/8 mesh. Old salt nets are my favorite. Stay clear of the nets that have lead substitute weights. They are bulky and don’t cast well. I would also stay clear of the extra heavy nets designed for Shad. While they are effective, I only have met 1 or 2 people that can consistently throw them. There are only two places you can hook Shad. When fishing with shad you can run the hook through the head or through the tail. Unless there is a heavy wind or current I do not use a weight. They are best used in a sand hole but work fine in grass.

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Capt Robert Hamilton is a Harbor Oaks Resident and runs Aransas Bay Fishing Charters.  You can find him at or 361-463-6653!


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