Neighborhood Alert: Coyotes in Harbor Oaks

Neighborhood Alert: Coyotes in Harbor Oaks

coyotes in harbor oaks

A report was sent in from resident Ben Jones, he has observed multiple signs of large canine wild diet scat. It appears this may be from a Coyote or Coyotes. His yard is near the Harbor Oaks Boat ramp. He also spotted a Coyote near Bellinos Restaurant a few months ago.

If you have small dogs or cats please be alert when they are outside.

There have also been foxes spotted near Turkey Neck and Encina.


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  1. Maria McCann says:

    My dog pointed out a newly killed deer leg while walking on Crescent Drive at the green belt close to Traylor Street this morning. On one other morning this month she signaled danger at the green belt at Crescent Circle and swiftly turned and walked home. In addition to sightings of coyote and red fox, Animal Control picked up a vicious Rottweiler and Pitt Bull pair from Crescent Drive about a year ago . They were returned to their owner with the comment that they had not seen them out for a while and not sure why they tried to break through my front gate.

  2. Maria McCann says:

    Edit in my early post. What I thought was deer leg is 2 gray cat legs. Yuk.

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