COVID 19 Statement from the Harbor Oaks Property Owners Association

COVID 19 Statement from the Harbor Oaks Property Owners Association

covid 19 statement

Harbor Oaks Friends and Neighbors,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented pandemic.

These past couple of weeks, we have received news that has changed our lives.  Businesses implementing work from home, schools closing for an unforeseeable time, gyms, libraries, restaurants, places of worship, all closed to help prevent the spread of this infectious virus.  No one knows how long the disruption from COVID 19 (Coronavirus) will last.  Every one of us is already making adaptations which affect our personal lives.

As we always have, we will support each other during this challenging time.  It’s a time to be a community, looking out for one another with responsibility and compassion. Continue to be vigilant, careful, and stay hopeful.  By all means watch out for one another.

News about COVID 19 (Coronavirus) is everywhere, some of it is helpful and some not.  Please continue to be responsible and thoughtful with the way you share information in general; I urge you to confirm the facts in what you are sharing to prevent disinformation.  The City of Rockport’s website is a great resource for the latest news and updates relevant to our community.


Warren Hassinger
President, Harbor Oaks Property Owners Association

Read the Stay at Home Order for Aransas County here

Visit the COVID 19 (coronavirus) information page on the City’s website here


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