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Hurricane Harvey Anniversary

Hurricane Harvey 2 year Anniversary Events

The community looks back at Hurricane Harvey 2 years later Hurricane Harvey Anniversary Encore Block Party – Downtown Rockport Come out and celebrate at this FREE event. Celebrate how far we’ve come since Hurricane Harvey hit our community! We’re so thankful and grateful for all of the help and support our community has received and…
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drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation – Home Irrigation Part 3

Before we get started, here are the latest watering restrictions from the City of Rockport’s website. Drip irrigation is allowed any day at all stages below until Stage 3 is reached. Current Status – Voluntary “In accordance with the City’s Drought Contingency and Emergency Water Plan, customers of the city’s water system are asked to…
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choosing bait

Choosing the best bait for trout

Let’s talk choosing bait for trout. Croaker and pigfish/piggies/grunts are the best type of trout bait in the summer time in our area. For some reason Piggies are not available this year.  I’ve talked to several trappers this summer and they all say the same thing. “There just are not any piggies out there.”  The…
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installing sprinklers systems

Home Irrigation – Part 2

Installing an underground irrigation system If you’re considering installing sprinklers or seriously upgrading a current system, you might want to first think about landscaping. ⦁ Call 811 at least two days before any digging. This includes any digging – trees, post holes, irrigation lines, etc. ⦁ Less grass and larger beds make for lower water…
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Canal Fishing in Rockport

Canal Fishing In Rockport – Harbor Oaks

Captain Robert shares some tricks and tips for canal fishing in Rockport – Harbor Oaks. Some people ask what I have to say about canal fishing in Rockport, specifically Harbor Oaks — Well, first I have to say, I don’t live on a canal. But I have lived across from Canoe Lake for over 30…
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New Rockport Police Chief

New Rockport Police Chief Gregory Stevens Officially Joins RPD

The new Rockport Police Chief, Gregory Stevens, officially joins the RPD on Wednesday June 19th. Chief Stevens has more than 30 years of experience in military and civilian law enforcement. He spent much of that time in the City of Lubbock, Texas. He retired as Chief of the Lubbock Police Department on May 31st. Stevens…
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rockport texas gardening irrigation tips

Home Irrigation – A Series in Three Parts

Dry times are coming! Not really news for anyone who’s been down here for a while. Dry times follow wet times. A quick true/false quiz before we begin. ___   Texas allows all homeowners to install and work on their irrigation system. ___   If I hire someone to install or work on my irrigation…
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Gray fox in rockport

Fox Spotted On Encina Drive

This message was sent in from Bethlyn on Encina Drive: We live on Encina Drive. Lately we have had a large fox visiting and/or passing through. We have seen him/her several nights.  We are glad to see the wildlife coming around again.  Thank you to Bethlyn for sending in these images! If you see any…
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Best Coastal Small Town Nominee Rockport Beach In Rockport Texas

Rockport Takes 2nd Place on USA Today 10 Best Coastal Small Towns List

Rockport moved to its highest position yet on the USA Today 10 Best Coastal Small Towns list. Rockport ended up in 2nd place behind Sandusky, Ohio. Criteria A panel of five travel experts made the nomination for 20 cities across the coast, but the final ranking will be determined by popular vote. According to the…
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Perfect Bait for Spring Fishing in Rockport Cut Mullet

June 2019 Harbor Oaks Fishing Report

Today we are going to talk about the best bait for Rockport fishing right now. Gosh is the wind ever going to let up?  I like to fish with cut Shad this time of year. Shad works well when it’s fresh, not so good after it’s been sitting in ice chest overnight. Probably by mid…
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