Rockport Nominated for USA Today Best Coastal Small Town

Rockport Nominated for USA Today Best Coastal Small Town

Best Coastal Small Town Nominee Rockport Beach In Rockport Texas

USA Today has named 20 nominees for Best Coastal Small Town – each community has a population of less than 25,000 people. In addition they must offer affordable seaside fun and small town charm that proves bigger is not better. Vote for Rockport once daily, on every device, until polls close on Monday, May 6 11am local time. The top 10 winning Communities will be announced on May 17th. See the official rules here.

Where do we rank now

As of yesterday Rockport was ranked number 2, but was swapping the 1st and 2nd spots with the community of Sandusky, Ohio sometimes multiple times per day! The last time we checked Rockport was in the number 2 slot. Now they have turned off the scoreboard so we need to vote, vote, vote to beat Sandusky. We also want to ensure the other communities such as Edgartown, Massachusetts or Gulf Shores, Alabama don’t catch up! What a huge achievement it will be for our community to take the 1st place spot in this competition! Imagine Rockport being named Best Coastal Small Town in the United States!

What can you do

Share, Share, Share! It’s a treat that Rockport has been nominated for this contest and it is in our hands to get the votes to take the #1 position! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be voted the number 1 small Coastal Town! Harbor Oaks, as the premier waterfront community in Rockport, has helped elevate Aransas County and Rockport. We have an amazing community! Share it on your Facebook accounts or copy and paste the link to this post in an email!

When do we find out if we won?

The results from the contest will be announced on May 17th, 2019! We will certainly be sharing the results right here on the Harbor Oaks Blog!

Ok so how do I vote?

Click Here and Select The First Search Result!


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