June 2019 Harbor Oaks Fishing Report

June 2019 Harbor Oaks Fishing Report

Perfect Bait for Spring Fishing in Rockport Cut Mullet

Today we are going to talk about the best bait for Rockport fishing right now. Gosh is the wind ever going to let up?  I like to fish with cut Shad this time of year. Shad works well when it’s fresh, not so good after it’s been sitting in ice chest overnight. Probably by mid June Trout and Reds will have had their fill of shad and hit other baits. The last couple weeks I’ve started mixing in cut mullet to my routine. With shad and mullet I like to coat them in a layer of pickling salt if I keep them overnight.

A little early for croaker

The trout and some reds have also been hitting Croaker, but the croaker are still small and the wind has been keeping them from sinking. Try using the small shaker weights if fishing with croaker. 

These are some of what I consider the best bait for Rockport Fishing this time of year. Good luck out there! If you land some nice fish using this bait send in a photo and we’ll include it in the next report!

Capt Robert Hamilton runs Aransas Bay Fishing Charters.
You can find him at aransasbayfishing.com or 361-463-6653!

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  1. Terry Lewis says:

    I always enjoy reading Capt. Robert Hamilton’s fishing report. I would like it if Robert could include information on fishing in the canals of Harbor Oaks at different times of the year. Our family enjoys fishing together from the back yard but we need a few pointers on when to fish, bait, etc… Thanks!

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