Neighborhood Watch Update

Neighborhood Watch Update

Previously several waterfront residences have experienced acts of “mischief”, and in some cases loss of  personal property.  Benches, chairs, and kayaks are among the property items that were either tossed into canals, or were taken.  It appears that this activity has occurred in the late night hours.  PLEASE take appropriate action to secure your property, and report any criminal or suspicious activity to city police officials.


In recent months, several private residences were burglarized in the Key Allegro and Country Club Subdivisions. Several break-ins involved homes that are not occupied on a full time basis, or the resident was in the process of moving. At our next Harbor Oaks Board of Directors Meeting we will discuss re-establishing a Neighborhood Watch Program to assist in keeping our properties free from theft. We will keep you informed of our progress and any other updates on this site.

It is not uncommon to see a rise in personal property thefts during times of economic downturns. 

Like periodically reviewing your wills, insurance, and investments, now is a good time to review all that you do to protect your property and other assets.  This includes the means by which you secure your residence and other property on a daily basis. 

  • How tempting is your property to thieves?
  • Are you an easy target?
  • Do you leave your garage door open during the day?
  • Do you leave your windows open when you leave?
  • Do you let newspapers accumulate on your porch while you’re away?
  • Report Door to Door salespeople who don’t have city authorization

Consider steps you can take to be less of an attraction to those up to no good.

Also, look out for your neighbors, and report any suspicious activity to the Rockport Police Department.


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